Private Investigator/Executive Protection
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A 3 day Executive Bodyguard Course or a 80 hour Private investigator Course. This course requires an additional $75.00 for dual certification ( Private investigator & Executive Protection )

  • Welcome & Introduction to "Executive Protection"
  • The Bodyguard Role
  • Isolation Drills
  • Bodyguard & Special Operations Standards & Perceptions
  • Short videos and power point presentations
  • Understanding your clients and knowing their needs
  • Understanding your position or role as a team leader, forward, rear, escort,
  • Threat Assessment / High Risk vs. Low Risk Assessments
  • Securing Your Client and Team
  • Dealing With The Paparazzi
  • Interpersonal Skill & Team Work
  • Picking a team leader, detail leader or 
  • Vehicle Escape and transfer of the client (VIP) during Motorcade Operations
  • Tactical Gun Takeaway & Defense  drills -   
  • Destination drills
  • Vehicle Embus and Debus Training 
  • Force on Force drills (body and face protection will be provided)
  • Body Armored Motor Vehicle
  • Body Armor and its use
  • Walking formations - one man, two man teams, three man teams, etc.   
  • These courses meet or exceed the Mandated State of Georgia certification requirements for Board Rules 509-3-2 Unarmed Security Officer and 509-3-10 and 11 for Armed Security Officers and Private Detectives. This course Includes the Unarmed 24hr State Certification as well as the 16hr Armed State Certification.

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Private Investigator/Executive Protection

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